XIAO Software serial - and other doubts

Hi there,

as per subject I am searching some info on the Software Serial on XIAO, plus some other doubts.

I am working on a project where I need a very small microcontroller - so the XIAO would be perfect - but I have some doubts if this can be the right choice. In this project I would have my microcontroller connected to:

  • microSD (via SPI)
  • display (via I2C)
  • bluetooth module (via UART)
  • another device in RX mode only (via UART)

my idea would be to use a software UART for the “another device” while using the hardware SPI / I2C / UART for the microSD / display / bluetooth module.

the doubts I have are:

  1. is the “standard” Arduino SoftwareSerial available and reliable on the XIAO? Or should I use another, dedicated, SoftwareSerial library?
  2. considering that I am running low on pins, it would be great if I could use only a RX pin on the SoftwareSerial (the “another device” is only sending out, no other interface pins available). For standard Arduino I found this: Receive Only Software Serial (Now with files) . Will this work on the XIAO ? If yes, should I choose a specific pin of the XIAO?
  3. from your opinion, am I missing any problem which may arise from the use at the same time of SPI / I2C / HW UART / SW UART? All the UARTs will run at 9600 baud

thanks to anybody who will help me!