XIAO Sense Euler Angles

I have been trying to generate Euler Angles with the XIAO Sense but have not been very successful with the code part. Is there a site somewhere I can go to figure this out?

Hello, can you please provide the procedure? Where are the routines used? Thank you.

Euler Angles are the computational Yaw, Pitch and Roll. I have been trying to utilize the code found here but so far no luck. Bitbucket

The NexgenAhrs library is written for a nine-axis LSM9DS1 device (three axes each for Accelerometer, Gyro, Magnetometer), and works with an Arduino Nano 33 BLE.


The XIAO 33 BLE Sense has a six-axis LSM6DS3 (three axes each for Accelerometer, Gyro — no Magnetometer).

Bottom line:
To do heading and yaw stuff you need a magnetometer (compass).



I am ok without Yaw…Just need pitch and roll, since I will be monitoring a dry dock.

I give an example from the Seed Arduino LSM6DS3 library showing accelerometer and gyroscope outputs here:
XIAO BLE SENSE cannot communicate with IMU sensor - Products & Technology / XIAO - Seeed Forum (seeedstudio.com)

Maybe you can calculate pitch and roll from these readings.



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