Xiao seed BLE sense SPI does not work after soldering batter contacts

I’ve several xiao BLE Sense devices. I soldered 2 contact wires to the Batt+/- of one of them.
Afterwards, the SPI doesn’t seem to work properly

  1. I cannot light up my WS2812 LED strip
  2. the onboard DMIC cannot be accessed.
    The same code works fine on the other Xiao BLE Sense devices I have, which I haven’t soldered a contact to.
    Is it easy to damage the MCU that lies on the other side of the PCB, opposite the Batt+/- contacts? I tried to be careful, and apply the soldering tip for only 2-3 seconds.

Hi Kobyfr,
You try the SPI Scanner code example? I solder many of them and never had an issue like that AFAIK.
GL :slight_smile:

Hello PJ.
is that an Arduino example? couldn’t find it.

Anyway, the same XIAO that fails to access the SPI, has trouble bring programming via the Arduino IDE. Even the simple “Blink” example fails to upload ~50% of the time.
Something is wrong with that board… I hope that the next release of the XIAO BLE SENSE will place the BATT contacts further away from the ICs, so even clumsy engineers like me are less prone to damaging them.

Hi Kobyfr,
I think 5 out of five would agree, they should have just put a dam jst connector on the thing and save us all some grief. LOL :grinning: :+1:
GL :slight_smile: PJ