XIAO S3 - AVI Video with Audio


I need to record a video with audio and save it to SDCard without e defined time, so the user can start and stop the recording anytime.

Actually, I can record and save only the video or the audio independently, but how can I join them into a single .avi? Can’t find any example.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi there,
From an app aspect , I know VLC player allows you to open mp3 and Avi together and combine them for out put, I don’t know of any LIB for arduino that does, This ESP32 attempt is all I can find.
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Thanks for the reply!

I am looking for a solution that this can be done on the ESP32 itself, but thanks for the link, I will take a look!

Backing one step of joining them as one file, I can successfully record video and record audio, but not simultaneously, when I start I2C.begin(), my esp_camera_get() cant return the frame anymore.

The audio is in one Core(1) and the video is in other Core(0).

Do both can work at same time?

Hi there,
Can you switch them, The cores, Core Zero is the WIFI and can interfere with some ESP function, If i remember correctly.
Your getting closer … :smile: :+1:
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