XIAO RP2040 - “An error occurred while uploading sketch” Win 10

Hi folks - (Win 10) Trying to upload a simple Blink sketch and having this error:
“An error occurred while uploading sketch”. Can’t seem to get this little guy to upload from the Arduino IDE. The port shows up fine and I have the boards library downloaded and installed but no luck. I’m a bit stumped here. I have followed the Seeedstudio WIKI - Thanks for any help!`

If the upload code appears to have failed to upload, try the following steps.
Press and hold the “R” button on the XIAO RP2040, then press the “B” button again, the XIAO will enter the BootLoader, please upload the code again, it may fail again. Then the upload will be successful. This situation may occur on a computer using XIAO RP2040 for the first time, after using it once it will work normally.

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Thank you! - I have been trying for a week to get the simple Blink sketch to work - FINALLY! Cheers!