XIAO Round Display Battery Monitoring Chip

Trying to use the “ETA6003” battery monitor. This is shown in the included block diagram. Tracking this Seeed part number leads to a very different Raspberry PI power module. What is the real part used as U2 in the PCB BOM?
ETA 6003 huh

Hi there,
What source are you looking at? Have you tried LSC? The EasyEda and JLCPCB
there parts catalog includes some others don’t have.
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I found a Seeed Studios part with that number, but it isn’t a QFN16 chip

U2 is ETA4054 Li-ion battery charger.
The chip is connected directly to the battery for measurement without going through the MCU, so there is no IIC address



Thank you, I was hoping you had used the bq27421 “fuel gauge” like the WIO Chassis uses. Great way to estimate battery life for standalone applications.

I’d try to put this chip into all your future designs involving LiPo batteries.

This needs to be updated in future revisions to allow IIC communication with the Battery Management Chip

Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider this improvement in subsequent product planning