XIAO PWM & Servo Library problem report


I report a information of problem between XIAO PWM out and Arduino Servo Library.

I tried to use both PWM output and Arduino Servo Library for SAMD on Seeeduino XIAO, but pin6 and pin7 of analogWrite() didn’t work.
I solved it by rewriting TC4 to TC5 in ServoTimers.h of Arduino Servo Library for SAMD in order to change Timer/Counter.

Arduino IDE version 1.8.12
Seeed SAMD Boards version 1.7.2

rewritted ServoTimers.h for SAMD

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Hi there:
thank for your feedback,we has been test it.and it regular work at samd 1.7.2.there exist test code at image
this is hardware connection:

Hello, Hansen.
Thank you for your feedback.

The problem is happen when using both Servo Library and pin6,7 PWM out.
(PWM outputs other than pins 6,7 work fine.)

It seems Timer/Counter is conflict between analogWrite and Servo Library for SAMD,
so I solved to change TC4 to TC5 on ServoTimers.h.

Test code

It’s result for test code.
(All I/O pin connect to green LEDs.)

Hi there:
thanks, we got your feedback. we will update the lib.

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