XIAO nRF52840(sense) - Low latency Wireless connection between Multiple XIAO boards for prosthetic Application

Hi Experts,

I need Multiple XIAO Sense Boards sending and receiving Sensor Data between themselves… Plan to use this in prosthetic application. Sensor data includes IMU/Touch/Pressure/Position etc data.


  1. Low latency
  2. Data needs to be bi-directional , One central device(XIAO nrf Sense) , multiple Peripheral Devices(Xiao NRF sense) will send data to central

I heard that NRF direct communication would be the best for latency, but i do not have any code or example for this. I tried to write BLE codes as central and peripheral, but i cannot achieve communication more than 1 Central and 1 Peripheral and latency is high.

Can you folks please share suggestion/feedback/examples ? If needed i can even pay for the time to develop this. I just need this urgently for a prosthesis design…

Please help…

Hello, From your description I recommand you to use XIAO ESP32S3 or ESP32C3 for your Low latency and bi-directional communication, but wifi is higher power consumption, the example is on our wiki :WiFi for both versions | Seeed Studio Wiki, and you can choose the version which have an antenna for better signal
If you feel very urgent and wanna get more detailed information, you would beter send an email to fusion@seeed.io for quickly service