XIAO NRF52840 Sense Deep Sleep Demo

I am trying to get the deep_sleep.ino file to compile on Arduino for the Seeed XIAO nrf52840 sense board. I was able to install the adafruit_spiflash and sdfat libraries to resolve those issues however, I am having a separate issue where the compiler isn’t able to detect the function deepPowerMode() that is supposedly in the Adafruit_SPIFlash class. I have checked multiple versions of this library and have not found one that actually contains a member function with this name. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and been able to resolve it. Below is a screenshot of the section of code that is causing the issue for reference. Thanks in advance!

Screenshot from 2023-02-06 17-11-57

Same for me, and I was not able to make it work either :confused:.
I am also interested in a solution.

That API has been removed.
You can achieve the same thing like this:

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