XIAO-nRF52840 sense bricking during long connection sessions

I am having an issue where xiao-nrf52840 sense board would brick after a long ble connection session. I’ve had 3-4 boards brick, to the point where it’s not recognized as a serial device anymore.

During two instances it would brick, but the LED color of connected state would still work, but there would be no way to get it to start advertising bluetooth packets or connect it to a laptop using usb-c cable.

Has anyone had similar issues or has any ideas what could be the issue?

Hi There,
NO. but if you post the code I’m betting the folks here can diagnose what your doing wrong :grin:
GL :slight_smile: PJ

If the device is no longer recognized as a serial device, please put the device into bootloader mode. This will help resolve the current issue of the device not having a port: