XIAO nRF52840 Sense bricked. Reset not working,

I somehow was able to brick my board (probabaly by writing to the flash).
Reset by double-tapping the reset switch is not doing anything :-/
What can I do? any ideas?

Does it have the LED on? Can the device be seen in the device manager?

Hi, Citric - no to both questions.

This may be the last method. Please refer to it.

That requires speacial hardware, right? Any way around that?

Sorry, as far as I know there is no other way for now.

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I was also struggling with this and thought the board was toast. The solution was to:
in arduino IDE, go to preferences>>“show verbose output during (upload=true)”
Then upload your sketch. You will see the console trying all of the available ports, when you see it doing this double tap the reset button as fast as possible. The delay between taps has to be very fast.

When the bootloader is lost, the only way to restore it is using the JTAG interface. The lowest cost Segger JTAG is the Jlink EDU mini for about 15 USD, or the JLINK Edu for about 50 USD. You may also consider getting the seeed XIAO expansion base, since it simplifies access to the JTAG pads.
This is as well a useful investment, since it allows to so hardware source code debugging at the board with all the nice features as single step, breakpoints, data inspection, etc.