XIAO nRF52840 Reset button bracket

In between playing with interrupts and low power testing I find I frequently use the reset button.
I found pressing the reset button with the square end of the plastic needle difficult.
So I hand crafted a bracket (from 6mm PVC) to make resetting easier.


Good solution. I came across some other small boards that are quite difficult to reset.

Nice, I’ve been using this for both.

Seeed Xiao BIG RESET Oh' Snap! , Xiao BLE & Sense MCU's)
video and files are there…
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Thanks for the pics. Awesome reset attachment. :grinning:
My handcraft skills with a bit of junk PVC are not a match for 3D printing.
It seems there is a requirement for something like this to easily press the Reset switch.
I did see that earlier modules just had a couple of pads that had to be jumpered for reset.
So a big advancement with the switch for the current XIAO nRF modules.