XIAO nRF52840 BLE Not Working/Not Scanning


I have searched the forum documents and also the Wiki and I cannot find information regarding my issue and I cannot figure out if I just have a bad board or if there is something I am missing.

I am able to run sketches like LED blink, etc. on my XIAO nRF52840 BLE and I am also able to read sensor data, etc. So, I know it is working, however when I use the nRF Connect app to scan for the Bluetooth it does not find the device like shown in the Wiki picture (nRF Connect for Mobile APP).

It will find other bluetooth devices I have just fine, like my T.V. or my Adafruit Bluefruit LE, but it will not find my Xiao BLE nRF52840.

I have tried running several BLE sketches to test it and I have also reset the board and I still cannot see it come up in nRF Connect or any other BLE app for that matter. I have no way of verifying that the Bluetooth is functioning. Am I missing something? Is there a way to verify the BLE is working on the board? Is there a way to tell if my board is defective and bluetooth isn’t working? Thanks.

Also, why am I only able to upload 1 screenshot? That is ridiculous. The more info. I can provide the better. Please change this. I shouldn’t be limited to 1 screenshot. I have others that show additional info. about this topic. Thanks.