XIAO - Loading Programs from SD Card

Has anybody seen succesful loading a subroutine from sd card?

this used to be a simple IO thing to do in computer programming to save memory space

what i mean is lets say you press a button and the microcontroler
would go out to the SD card and read in a program to memory and execute the program

lets say for example execute a blink sketch for 5 minutes

then prompt the user to what to do next… and lets say the user says what is the time

so the microcontroler goes to SD card and loads in the time program and display the time for 5 minutes

i have never seen this before, yet it seems to be something basic in computer programming

let me know if you have seen anything like this before

Hay There,
I don’t think there is a boot from SD available AFAIK that would need to be supported more than just R/W sd. would be stellar for sure if so. I guess because it runs from flash , you would need another interpreter , emulator or program managr? and self flashing ability ?
I’m with you I wonder if it’s possible?
:slight_smile: GL

maybe a micro python environment?