XIAO LED does not work in CiPy


I flashed CircuitPython 7.3 and 8 on my Xiao and tried to use the BLINK example:

import time
import board
from digitalio import DigitalInOut, Direction

led = DigitalInOut(board.D13)
led.direction = Direction.OUTPUT

while True:
led.value = True
led.value = False

The problem is, that CiPy complains that D13 is not defined. D1 to D10 work, but nothing beyond. How do I get the LED to flash?

In CircuitPython:
The name for the Yellow LED is LED_INVERTED (opposite on/off sense from other CircuitPython) boards. I believe D13 is not used because it is not directly exposed pin. The LED names in CircuitPython are:

     LED_INVERTED                    PortA_17
     YELLOW_LED_INVERTED             PortA_17
     RX_LED_INVERTED                 PortA_18
     BLUE_LED1_INVERTED              PortA_18
     TX_LED_INVERTED                 PortA_19
     BLUE_LED2_INVERTED              PortA_19

See circuitpython git hub: ports/atmel-samd/boards/seeeduino_xiao/pins.c

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Thank you so much! That really helped. It’s weird that the standard example that is posted everywhere doesn’t work, though :frowning: