XIAO - Keyboard/Piano

Hey everyone, I would like to know if it’s possible to make a 61 key keyboard with the SeeeduinoXIAO I have one what we got for random projects and well my partners keyboard died so we have the keys


I would like to create the normal piano sounds, right now we have the keyboard working with no functions or voices but since it’s stripped down I thought we might be able to do something better with the seeeduino.

If not then thanks for reading anyway.
The things I would also like to include is maybe the option to record what I have done and save it to a SD card so I could have it replay it it’s self or even save it to the PC to play maybe in midi format.

would be an interesting project, but very complex both electronic and programming, but as for the question, the XIAO should be powerful enough, FYI

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Hi there,
It’s a great project, Try the I2S for the sound (high quality)portion.
Making it scan the keys for presses, (no velocity sensitivity though) is not hard.
SD portion easy.
There are several examples of Xiao’s and Keyboards all type and Sizes, search around
they are out there.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

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I tried and only thing I was finding was bananas lol but thanks for telling me there is more and all difference sizes, the keyboard is working on the piano voice again it was all the function keys so do you think it would be easieer to just take the sound and change it some how in the xiao?

I am new to all this so white papers, projects and youtube vides you think I should watch feel free to share also thanks everyone so far.

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