XIAO Expansion - battery connector backwards?

As noted in other posts, it appears the LIPO battery connector is backwards / opposite of every connector / battery leads I’ve ever seen. Can anyone confirm that the negative and positive terminals are indeed accurate as labeled on the board and on the product page? I don’t want to burn this thing out because a board was misprinted. If I plug a battery in the only way it will fit the polarity will be reversed.

The diagram in the “Battery usage” section of the Expansion board wiki is correct.
I have connected the battery as shown in this diagram.
Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion board | Seeed Studio Wiki

Thank you for confirming!

yes this is very agrivating… i had to make a special pigtail to adapt my battery to the boards

i found some battery with the polarity reversed but they were much more expensive… and no way to know before purchasing that they are actually wired as indicated

in my case i found the battery i wanted and baught pigtales to adapt and used red and black wire shrink rap to indicate the actual polarity

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