XIAO esp32s3 sense (with camera) on ESPhome

I’m trying to integrate my XIAO esp32s3 camera feed through ESPhome in to Home Assistant.

Based on the pin docs from Seeed pinout sheet

but is doesn’t work.

This is my ESPhome config:

# my camconfig
  name: My Camera
    pin: GPIO10
    frequency: 20MHz
    sda: GPIO40
    scl: GPIO39
  data_pins: [GPIO15, GPIO17, GPIO18, GPIO16, GPIO14, GPIO12, GPIO11, GPIO48]
  vsync_pin: GPIO38
  href_pin: GPIO47
  pixel_clock_pin: GPIO13
  # reset_pin: GPIO48
  resolution: 640x480
  jpeg_quality: 10

Any idea how to get this to work?