Xiao ESP32S3 sense can upload code only by using BOOT button

I just got my Xiao ESP32S3 sense and I manage to upload code only if I press BOOT while plugging it in the USB port
when trying to upload normally it gives the error “A serial exception error occurred: Write timeout”
driver details-
USB Serial Device (COM11)

Driver Provider:Microsoft

Driver Date:21/06/2006

Driver Version:10.0.22621.2506

Digital Signer:Microsoft Windows

Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 23H2
Installed on ‎26/‎06/‎2023
OS build 22631.3296

thats just the way it works,… have you tried arduino OTA?

If this is true, how come I didn’t find any mention in the tutorials? also, doesn’t make sense to do it this way. can anyone from Seeedstudio confirm this? I assume it is possible to upload code just like any other Dev board…

there are some ways to make it a little better, like lowering the serial baud rate to like 19200 range…
ps if you didnt need a boot button to boot… then of course they would have eliminated it…

even the official FAQ says that using the BOOT button is a “fallback” option when other methods fail. most ESP32 dev boards have BOOT button even when it is not usually necessary , because in some rare cases it is required. but not all the time.

Hi there,
Yes it is possible, However If the device is new and everything is set correctly , BSP, Device etc,
It will connect to the boot loader and flash without being in BL mode. YMMV. There isn’t any mention of it in the WiKi as it’s knowledge only learned through experience with ESP & Nrf series.

Based on your particular dev environment and the setup a lot of variables, add in if the code you send it is Experimental and writes or over writes the flash in a specific area, takes away the automatic stub location, then YOU will need to put it in BL mode(holding the buttons etc)
ALSO , the LOOP portion of your code can lock out that ability too, I always put a small delay in the loop (when Empty) so the MCU pauses there long enough to catch the BL mode.
Works for me , YMMV
In cases where there is nothing in the LOOP function almost always requires a Button Push ,hold, etc.(BL mode)

GL :slight_smile: PJ