XIAO ESP32S3 and Sense CAD data

Hi everyone,

Is there a 3D CAD model of XIAO ESP32S3 available? There is a model available for C3 on grabcad

Dimensions available on the getting started page are not usable to draw 3D CAD model.

Hey there, I just went through the struggle of trying to recreate the S3 Sense manually with the dimensions provided by Seeed Studio.

For some reason this forum does not allow me to add links to GrabCad.

Just go to GrabCad and search for ESP32S3 and you should find everything there. I also added a version with the Sense Camera etc.

Hope that helps.


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Link to Them HERE

Awesome , These look Great!
Thanks Maurice
GL :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Maurice_Pannard Great work!
How did you got the dimensions for everything? What is your workflow to design something like this?

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Thank you @PJ_Glasso for posting the Link and the pictures! Highly appreciate your feedback!
Thank you for your feedback @AnshumanFauzdar!
Here is my workflow:

  1. First, I check for available documentation, such as schematic and dimensional drawings in the form of .dxf files.
  2. From the schematic, I extract the names of the main components, focusing only on the most relevant ones.
  3. I perform a quick Google search to find these components on websites. Sometimes, I find step files for these components already available. If not, I refer to the datasheet and create the component myself using Fusion360.
  4. Once I have gathered all the components as step files, I proceed to align them correctly.
  5. To align the components, I use the .dxf files. However, Fusion360 sometimes struggles to process these files due to their structure. With patience and some cleanup, I resize the .dxf and align it with the board.
  6. The next step involves simple cleanup and polishing, such as assigning colors to the components.
  7. Finally, I begin the rendering process using Fusion360.
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@Maurice_Pannard That’s a lot of work! Amazing workflow and very helpful to others to follow and improve the models in future.

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Thank you for asking @AnshumanFauzdar!
One thing that I forgot to mention:

If somehow I do not get my hands on proper Datasheets or dimensions for certain parts then this Seeed Forum is the best place to ask! Some of the Community Managers here helped me out quite a lot!

Big kudos to them too!


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Thanks @Maurice_Pannard for this PRO tip!

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