XIAO ESp32c3 Supply Voltage (max and Min)

I have previously used esp32 development boards which have quite a wide supply voltage range e.g. 5v-9v. Does anyone know the max and min supply voltages for the XIAO Esp32c3?

The info you Seek is HERE about halfway down the Page… :laughing: :+1:

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Thanks, but that doesn’t really tell me what I want to know. Thats assuming you power from a normal USB power supply which is about 5v. I want to power from a battery which might be 9v or 6v or 4.5v. The lower voltage is probably not a problem, but I dont really want to tests how high I can take the voltage without frying the ESp32 and don’t want to use an additional voltage regulator which will consume battery life. I was hoping there was an official Vmin and Vmax rather than 5V is the only supply it can take.

just test it… for less than $20 you will know the high limit is when the magic smoke comes out and the low limit is when the brain becomes hypoxic

Hi DiawlBach,
The input voltage on the 5V pin is max 6V, limited by regulator XC6210.
Post #2 below may be helpful.

I belive that schematics show a 6v fuse at Vin input