XIAO ESP32C3 not powering mr24hpc1 on startup

Trying to get this combination of ESP32C3 and 24GHz mmWave Sensor - Human Static Presence Module Lite (MR24HPC1) to work with Home Assistant as detailed on this page here. However it seems that the only way to boot the mmWave module is to disconect and reconnect the 5v line after booting the ESP32C3. Some suggestions have been made as detailed in the Github discussion here however I believe this should work without this extra complication. Does anybody have any more information about this mmWave module or a more recent firmware that resolves this issue?

You can put the D6 and D7 for D2 and D3, specific operation see Pin Multiplexing on Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 | Seeed Studio Wiki uart1-at-the-same-time