XIAO ESP32C3 mmWave Human Detection Sensor Kit

I am attempting to integrate the XIAO ESP32C3 mmWave Human Detection Sensor Kit in Home Assistant. I am following the instructions provided here MR24HPC1_HomeAssistant/README.md at main · limengdu/MR24HPC1_HomeAssistant · GitHub. After making the required yaml changes (see attached) when I try to install I receive the following error:
INFO ESPHome 2024.3.2
INFO Reading configuration /config/esphome/kitchen-occupancy.yaml…
INFO Generating C++ source…
INFO Compiling app…
Processing kitchen-occupancy-sensor (board: esp32-c3-devkitm-1; framework: espidf; platform: platformio/espressif32@5.4.0)

MissingPackageManifestError: Could not find one of ‘package.json’ manifest files in the package
Being new to this product and doing a google search on the error hasn’t provided any new resolution directions and I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to resolve this.

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WHAT in the SAM HILL is that!
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You need to read the posting 101 thread… I can’t read or understand that jumble.
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First off, thanks for the help. Secondly your assumptions are wrong, this is my first time and last based on this response posting to this forum. All I was asking for is help not a lecture based on assumptions. I did not format my question to elicit an accusation that I was shouting, first it is not in all caps secondly if now would have paid attention to the second half you would have seen it wasn’t bolded. I simply copied and pasted the error message and this was the way it came out. Since I was new to this forum, I didn’t see a way to correct this after is was posted I figured someone would be smart enough to figure this out and help, but again I was wrong someone wasn’t

:bowing_woman: You need to do more than a Cut & Paste to get best help is all.
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Thanks again for the help, if this represents the level of help one gets on this forum I’m out.
I thought I would copy and past one last time:

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Your welcome and GL, Oh’ , one last piece of advice which sounds like you’ll ignore it anyway. SO happy to help you, With your attitude YOU won’t get very far I can assure YOU.

Hello @mgsnell .
I apologize for the bad experience. Could you send me a link to the yaml file you are using? I can try to compile it on HA.