Xiao ESP32C3 Micropython v1.20 where download from? memory profile

Where do I download micropython for the Xiao esp32c3? version 1.20
the generic esp32c3 does not work. I downloaded and using version 1.19
Is there a way to profile memory? I am running out of RAM by 49 bytes when I load httplib2

Hello! You can follow the step from our wiki to use the micropython: MicroPython for ESP32C3 | Seeed Studio Wiki

I could not get generic esp32c3 micropython to work. That is why I wrote the post.

Which step did you go wrong?

For the Xiao ESP32C3 on micropython v1.20 you have to choose GENERIC_C3_USB … not the GENERIC_C3.
But it seem this one is no more available on micropython site for download!
Please send on micropython discussion an issue about that … (I’ve heard they are working for something about firmware image standard)
When I’ve time I will try to make an image about that …

After I flash the micropython 1.20 I get ffffffff returned

I re-test with the new image…
So now it’s ESP32_GENERIC_C3 in micropython web site (download) for the Xiao Esp32c3

The stable version 1.20 work fine (mem free 128752)
The night build (24082023) work fine but so low memory!

import gc
gc.mem_free ()
→ 59040

Thank you

import gc
gc.mem_free ()

Here is python code for WiFi connection and HTTPS.