Xiao ESP32C3 KiCad library missing battery pads

Hi! I grabbed the KiCad library for this board at the bottom of the page here: Getting Started | Seeed Studio Wiki

The symbol and footprint loaded fine, but they’re missing the battery and jtag pads. The battery pads are what’s most important to me, as the whole reason I brought this into KiCad was to design a board that interfaces with them so it can expose a connector for a LiPo battery.

Has anyone produced their own files, or is there something better available? Or maybe I’ve missed something.

i just discovered the same, and was planning to design a motherboard pcb … :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

You can import the .dxf file of this bat solder pad into the PCB design software and place it in the appropriate position.
XIAO ESP32C3-bat.zip (51.8 KB)
(The.dxf file is in the compressed package, please check)