XIAO ESP32C3 input activating falsely

Hello all,

I just bought 2 XIAO ESP32C3 for a project involving ESP NOW with a button and an led. While testing, i noticed the XIAO with the button was falsely triggering without me pressing the button. After a lot of fiddling about i even managed to activate it by just having my finger on the GPIO pad. This is all with just the basic “Button” example code.

I tried the other XIAO and it behaves the same way and trying a different pin also same behaviour. Though using an LED works just fine, so it’s just using a pin as an INPUT? Very strange behaviour that i can’t really do much with. Should i just get a new one or?

Here is a video demonstrating it: XIAO ESP32C3 input weird.


When a finger touches an unconnected port, an inductive noise is input, and XIAO considers this as a normal input. This phenomenon is normal.

I’ve not noticed this behaviour before with other boards but i guess it makes sense.

I did solve the issue by making a circuit with the button but have a pull down resistor in between it. Seems to now properly register.