XIAO ESP32C3: how to erase program flush rom without pc

Hi guys,

I’m just getting started with the XIAO ESP32C. I am programming with Arduino. When I was experimenting with serial using TX/RX, I transferred the program using serial port 0 to Flash Rom.

The program is working, but the next time I tried to upload the program via USB-C, it stopped recognizing the USB.

When I specify the USB port in the IDE, it connects for a while, but when the transferred program starts running, the USB connection is cut off.

I think it may be interfering with the RX/TX that USB-C is using.

The web page says that the booot loader mode can be used by connecting USB cable while holding to press BOOT button, however it does not work.

I want to delete the program transferred to the Flash Rom of XIAO ESP32C with XIAO ESP32C alone.

Is there any idea to do that?

Hello, when you enter the bootloader, you need to press and hold the BOOT button before powering up, if you still can’t upload the program, you can try to restore the factory firmware


Following your suggestion, I was able to write the bootloader.bin and partition-table.bin to the flash ROM with the ESPRESSIF tool.

After resetting the EPS32C3, I was able to load programs using the Arduino’s IDE as before.

Thanks for your prompt reply!