XIAO ESP32C3 high power consumption and weird LED behavior

I’m really sorry, but I do not fully understand, what exactly you mean with this. The voltage at the PPK2 was set to 5 V, as I was powering the XIAO at the USB port.
The way shorter pulse duration I was mentioning earlier was “measured” with the uCurrent and an oscilloscope. At that time, I didn’t have a PPK2 yet.

Or were you referring to a different response?

I am applying voltage from PPK2 to the 5V pin of XIAO and observing the current. when 5V is applied, the period of the pulsed current that appears during the sleep period is 20mS. when the voltage is reduced to near the lower limit of the ETA4054’s operating range, the pulsed current period is 1.1sec. It appears that the operating mode is changing, but I do not know what is happening.
This is just information; try it when you get PPK2.

Hi there,
So looking at the S3 spec’s on sleep I see this foot note?

  1. 8 MHz RC clock source used by digital peripherals: Currently, only LEDC uses this clock source during Light-sleep mode. When LEDC selects this clock source, this feature is automatically enabled.

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The waveforms also show that the average power consumption during deep-sleep mode is 26.85 μW, and the average power consumption during active mode is 78.32 mW .