Xiao-esp32c3 esphome MR60FDA1

Hello, I am following the instructions in this recent blog post to create a presence sensor using esphome for use with my home assistant deployment.
I was not able to order the 24GHz mmWave Human Static Presence Module Lite as it was out of stock, so I ordered the MR60FDA1 instead which was in stock from Amazon. I have been able to load the firmware onto the xiao-esp32c3 as instructed in the blog, but most of the sensors in home assistant show states of “unknown”. I am seeing a sensor called Standard Sports information change from Stationary to Active when there is motion, but it is definitely not registering heart rate or chest movements from breathing right in front of it.

I am wondering if there are changes I need to make to the esphome config that was provided in the blog to account for using the MR60FDA1 instead of the Human Static Presence Module Lite?

Also the blog didn’t mention connecting the S1 or S2 pins from the sensor to the esp. Should these also be connected?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.


Eric, I like your style… trying to use example code from one sensor on another of entirely different design :slight_smile: but instead of being one of those people who say “why on earth would you try to do that!?” I’ll point you in the direction of a couple useful things:

Seeed Wiki for the MR60FDA1 which mentions things like what pins to use and not to use and has links to sample code maintained by Seeed Studio that works in Arduino IDE and you can use an ESP32 MCU with that, just look up how to add the support in Arduino for the ESP32 boards:

Some code I’ve recently posted to github for using the sister module MR60BHA1 with ESPHome:

This might be more useful to you to customize for the Fall Detection Pro module. I have both of the 60GHz variants and the connections and frames they send to your ESP module overlap to some extent so with my code, you should get some of the sensors working such as presence and motion but the Fall Detection Pro module won’t give you HR and RR data at all from what I have seen. It may look identical but internally, it doesn’t have those functions. Similarly the Respiratory Heartbeat Detection module won’t do Fall Detection… both will show you presence and motion states using the Seeed Arduino examples or myown/other’s code for ESPHome.

I got the same results with the 60gjz fall detector. It picked up motion. Sports and presence but nothing else worked. What’s more odd is I was able to get 3 of the new 24ghz lite models and not a single one work. I’ve tried 9n 3 different Xiao’s, all ESP32-C3 with 3 different docks, the ones with the display and I get zero output from all 3. I’m wondering if something has changed as there is often updates to ESPHome and possibly to the Xiao also. It’s odd that that walk through “kind” of works with the 60hz fall detector but it’s way to sensitive for actual presence detection. Not sure what I could of done wrong. Downloaded the same . H file as referenced in the wiki. Have everything hooked up correctly from the UART port using a grove to femail adapter. TX is going to RX and vice versa. 5V and ground are hooked up correctly so I’m at a bit of a loss. It installs with zero issues. At first I thought I might of got a bad MmWave sensor but I highly doubt I got 3 and the Xiao’s all work when the 60ghz fall detector is hooked up.

I also tried hooking them to the pin holes with a male to female Dupont cables and the same results. Has anyone got that working with the new lite models? Just want to know if I’m doing something incorrectly or if something has changed. Especially since the 60gjz one works, at least partially but nothing works on any of the newer model ones that the wiki uses. Everything installs in ESPHome with zero issues. Just no output from any of the new 7 dollar 24ghz models. If anyone has this working let me know and I will look find the issue but I e given up for the moment.

I did have some temperature and other sensors hooked up before I moved to just the MmWave presence detector but I cleaned all the build files and actually deleted everything and started from scratch but have the same results. All my other grove modules work with zero issues so I’m wondering if something else changed, possibly in ESPhome or the R24****.h file that you have to download. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. It wouldn’t be the first time an ESPHome update has broke something that was working previously which is about the only issue with monthly releases for Home Assistant. To many breaking changes.

Hi, I’m not quite sure what is the reason you don’t have a way to see the 24GHz human presence radar message in ESPHome, maybe your logs can help me determine what the problem is. Have you tried the power off and then power on method in Wiki’s Troubleshooting to check if the radar is working. Because I have tried many times without problems.

Hello, currently the only radar that can use Home Assistant is the new 24GHz human presence radar, other radar products are temporarily not supported.