XIAO ESP32C3 deep sleep ext wake up problem

Hi I would like to ask help with wake up from deep sleep my xiao esp32c3.
I use this, it goes to sleep, but I’m not succesful with waking it up.


for WAKEUP_PINS I tried
const uint64_t WAKEUP_PINS = 0b00100000;
const uint64_t WAKEUP_PINS = 0b11111111111111111111111111111111;

A vibration sensor (to ground) and a R (to 3.3V) is connected to the D5 pin.
The vibration sensor is closed by default, if it sense any moves it opens and D5 goes to 3.3V.
Thanks Szabolcs

PS.: I use the built in BLE too (just as an info).

ok so i bricked my XIAO Esp32C3 by uploading ESP32_TIME_SLEEP sketch… it appears i have put it into sleep… but dont know how to wake reset nd boot does nothing, no activity on usp com port