XIAO ESP32C3 Battery Charging Listener

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Is there any way to listen the charging in ESP32-C3
programmatically so get to know when the usb is connected to the board and when charging is done.

There is a red charging indicator led which turn off
when battery is charged and I get to know that its not connected to any GPIO pin.

Hi, maybe you can follow this step to check your battery voltage

I don’t want to check battery voltage
i want to get to know when ubs is connected to ESP32-C3.

Hi there,
If I may. You have looked at the schematic, then you will be able to see the VBUS is derived from the USB being plugged in. Also from the schematic it is connected to pin 1 on the Xiao header as 5V.

You could put a jumper with a series Resistor of 10k to an input pin and just use INPUT,PULLDOWN for configuration. When the USB is plugged in, The input will be HIGH.
Something along those lines should get it done. AFAIK, the level is only available if you use a pair of inputs for battery level detection or do msfujino’s tech here.
Not Ideal I know when IO Pins are so limited.
For devices touted as battery powered :man_facepalming: or " good for IOT" :man_shrugging:
On the Xia ESP32C3 the battery stuff is on it’s own ISLAND only sending smoke (LED) signals for status.

I hope Future SEEED Studio designs take into account the HIGH importance of Device Battery information, managements, Status etc. are Paramount.
IMO there is NO technical reason the same battery management that is in the Xiao nRF52840’s to be present in the ESP Xiao’s other than cost or availability (part shortage). :man_bowing:

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Yeah !!
you are right IO Pins are limited and my all already occupied :smiley:

This is one of the answer but its good if we can do it by programming.

sometimes you have to read the information we take our valuable time to show you…my friend

Which information are you referring to :thinking: