XIAO ESP32C3 and AS5600 - cant make it! :-(

I’m facing trouble with the AS5600 and XIAO ESP32C3.
I did the next connections:
VDD - 5V

No matter what code I’m uploading, nothing work and I cant read any value.
Can someone help me please?

Hi there,
I have seen a couple threads on this Magnetic encoder device, I would post the code to get a more complete answer. Also have you tried swapping the A4 & A5 and definitely add some delays in between reads. What is the wire clock set too?
Show the code and all the smart folks here will comment.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

here is an old but good link as well

XIAO input/output is 3.3V spec. Is the input/output of the sensor board 3.3V specification? 5V input/output sensor cannot be connected.
Are SDA and SCL pulled up?
Have you checked with I2CScanner?
A photo (enlarged front or back side) or schematic showing the details of the sensor board might tell us something more.

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Lets see I dont think you have your pinout right… and check your soulder job

also need to connect 3.3 and dround to make comunication work, not 5v you will frie