Xiao ESP32C3 and Arduino 2

Is anyone else using the Arduino 2 IDE and the C3? What I’m seeing is that it almost never gets the right board using Get Board Info, but often it will pick a suitable alternative C3 board, and programming works correctly. Right now, I seem to be stuck with it thinking my C3 is an S3, which clearly won’t work. Note that esptool.py seems to identify the board consistently, but I’m using painlessmesh in my project, which isn’t friendly with the ESP IDF. This has me locked to Arduino for now.

Can I open a bug somewhere to get this resolved? My guess is that the IDE isn’t up to date enough to recognize this board, but is that ticket in the ESP github, or the Arduino github? Or is there a simple fix I can do?

Has anyone done painlessmesh with the IDF? I would really like to do it that way, but moving from painlessmesh is kinda a non starter today, and they have been pretty clear they won’t support it.