Xiao ESP32C3 - 700ma from 3v3 pin? Is that a typo or is that for real?

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I am really surprised to read that it is possible to draw up to 700 ma from the 3v3 pin. That seems huge to me.
I was cautious and I had an L298n to play as a buffer between the Xiao and a 3v-200ma piece of electronics, but maybe I do not need it any longer ?

Source :Getting Started | Seeed Studio Wiki
Printscreen :

Could someone confirm ? Or is that a typo and it should read 70ma instead ?

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From the schematic

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If you look at the Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 Schematic, the LDO is a XC6210B332MR from Torex.

The product page and datasheet or the XC6210 read

Maximum Output Current : More than 700mA
(800mA limit, TYP.)

Now, keep in mind the ESP32-C3 current consumption peaks at 335mA, according to section 4.6.1 RF Current Consumption in Active Mode of the ESP32C3 datasheet.

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