XIAO ESP32C power management

Is there detailed tech specs of the battery charging functionality on the XIAO ESP32C?
What is the charging current? Is there a way to change the charging current?
Does the board supports over charge & over discharge protection? At what voltages will it cut off in both cases?
Will connecting/disconnecting the usb power supply while battery is attached effect the board (e.g. shortly turning off/restarting when switching the power source)?
If the board is only on the battery, what is the max current that I can draw from 5v/3v3 pins?

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Perhaps the charge controller is BQ25101? and the charge current is set to 50mA and cannot be changed. I think the datasheet will give you the information you need.
On my board, disconnecting the USB does not reset anything and switches to battery power with no problem.

I can second what msfujino findings are, all 3 pieces I have work with battery and USB and DO NOT Reset when plugged or un-plugged from USB, FYI. Also on the
GETTING STARTED PAGE for ESP32C3 it has the following

Power Pins

  • 5V - This is 5v out from the USB port. You can also use this as a voltage input but you must have some sort of diode (schottky, signal, power) between your external power source and this pin with anode to battery, cathode to 5V pin.
  • 3V3 - This is the regulated output from the onboard regulator. You can draw 700mA
  • GND - Power/data/signal ground
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Thank you for the info, I tested the current which is indeed aboout 50mA.

Hi Karro,

the charge controller is BQ25101? and the charge current is set to 50mA

My mistake, the charge current is 370mA. Maybe the charge controller of XIAO_ESP32C3 is an IC like MPC73831.
See the link below.