XIAO ESP32 S3 Antenna

I am using three XIAO ESP32 modules for the exchange, two transmitters and one receiver.
When operating via WiFi_now, there is no reception with the enclosed antennas. If both solder connections of the antenna on the transmitter are bridged with a finger, reception is possible.
Dipping the antennas together or using an external 2.4 GHz rod antenna did not help either.
The project with three ESP32 S3 Wroom modules works without this problem.
Is there an explanation for this (impedance matching) or a remedy?

with friendly regards

Hello @NoRa_1 .
Are you using the code from the Wiki? I don’t see the parameter ‘WiFi_now’ in the Wiki

Hi there,
Can you post the code?
is this WiFi mesh setup ?
GL :slight_smile: PJ