XIAO ESP32 FTM Example

I have tried using the wifi FTM examples with the Xiao esp32 board, but I cannot get them to work. I have two of the board. I set one up as the initiator and the other as the responder. I get the errror “No valid FTM Measurements found!”. Has anyone been able to get these examples to work?

Increasing FTM_FRAME_COUNT may help.

@msfujino Thank you for the suggestion. That fixed it. I’m not sure why I did not try to mess with that parameter sooner.

I also found a github issue that was not relevant to my problem but maybe the next person looking at these examples. It looks like the rev2 chips are not compatible with the latest esp32 board files. This was not my problem thankfully.

ftm : ESP32-C3 (rev.2) does not answer ftm requests (IDFGH-5879) · Issue #7578 · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub