XIAO ESP32-C3. wiring problem

I am having trouble getting this SD CARD that i have wired this way to work with a basic SD card tester sketch on Arduino IDE

serial monitor 14:04:33.200

If someone from Seed Studio XIAO team can verify the wiring for me that would help and I could look at the sketch as the problem with the code

Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 3.32.51 PM

// Define SPI pins
const int spiMOSI = D10; // MOSI
const int spiMISO = D9; // MISO
const int spiSCK = D8; // SCK
const int spiCS = D2; // CS


// Define SPI pins
const int spiMOSI = 10; // MOSI
const int spiMISO = 9; // MISO
const int spiSCK = 8; // SCK
const int spiCS = 4; // CS

If it is wired as per Fritzing, then it appears that the wiring to the SD card is incorrect.