XIAO ESP32-C3, using 3.3v output when battery powered


I’m working with the XIAO ESP32-C3 and I have a question I just can’t find an answer to.

I would like to use an RCWL0561 sensor but this requires 5v power. I have found this:

  • This step up takes 2.97-3.63v as input and steps it up to 5v.
  • The XIAO board will be running on a battery
  • The RCWL0561 only draws ~5 mA

My question, can I use the 3.3v output of the board to
power the step up when the board is running on a battery?


Hello Jordy_k and Welcome.
According to the wiki info an the spec sheets there in.
A whopping 700ma. is available from the on board regulator when powered with proper size battery…
The Battery is always the gating factor.
Y not a Flip of the script. You power the whole setup with a 9v or a 12v ( LiCB A23 23A 12V Alkaline Battery) Let the Sensor Power the Xiao with it’s 3.3v 200ma. output.?
The code is very simple. It basically just keeps track of whether the input to pin #8 is HIGH or LOW.
Use it as a wakeup interrupt, for the Xiao from deep sleep(20-30ua.)
You can experiment with the step up thing and it Might work but I’m a skeptic it will EAT the Battery.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Does that mean a yes?
I have a decent 3.7v battery which can deliver the current

Eh, no, let’s not flip the script…
Because I am using a 3.7 rechargeable.

The step-up draining the battery might indeed be a concern though.
I would have to test that.

HaHa, LOL Jordy_k
Ok well It’s either gonna work or not , You know pretty quickly. I would try it though.
I think it will work but will see what battery usage is & how efficient the converter is.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Hello, everyone! Thank you the providing information.