XIAO ESP32 C3 does not work with external 3.7v battery?

Good day.
I have had good success with the Xiao sense.
I am trying with the ESP32 C3 as it is much cheaper, has a reset button and a solid antenna.

Now I am having a real issue : while connected on my PC USB, BT from the ESP32 C3 works perfectly fine, but it does not work any longer when connected to a typical 3.7 CR123 battery, when either connecter to the back side Vin, or the rail ?

Never had that issue with the Sense.

Does anyone know if there is an issue with the ESP32C3 and any external battery ? Does it need higher amps than the typical CR123 ?

*There is no serial.begin in the code.



According to the recommended operating voltage in the datasheet,
nRF52840 : 1.75V or higher
ESP32C3 : 3.0V or higher

On the other hand, the nominal voltage of CR123 is 3.0 V. Since the 3.3 V voltage regulator inside XIAO has a voltage drop, the voltage may be lower than 3.0 V.

Thx. Well it does not.
A basic external LED ino code works perfectly when connected to USB, and does not work any longer with external battery.

I have tried that on two separate XIAO ESP32 C3.

What is the battery terminal voltage when the battery is connected to the BAT pad on the back of the XIAO?

Where would you like me to measure that battery terminal voltage from please ?
Thank you.

I would like to know what voltage is across the battery terminals with the battery connected to the BAT pad on the back of the XIAO and no USB.

I had a similar issue and found no fix so far.

See Xiao ESP32-C3 and Xiao Grove shield compatiblity? - #5 by reivilo

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I’m excited to share my positive experience with the Xiao Sense, which has worked flawlessly for me. However, I’m currently facing a challenging issue with the ESP32 C3. Although the ESP32 C3 performs perfectly fine when connected to my PC’s USB, I encounter difficulties when using it with a typical 3.7V CR123 battery. Whether connected to the backside Vin or the rail, the Bluetooth functionality stops working once powered by the battery.

a typical 3.7V CR123 battery

In general, the nominal voltage of CR123 is 3.0V, too low voltage to run ESP32C3.

I also have a issue with battery. So how can I solve it?

I also have a issue with battery.

What is the problem specifically?

See the Battery Usege section of the wiki below and try using a 3.7V lithium battery.

Ok I will see this section.