Xiao ESP32-C3 and Xiao Grove shield compatiblity?

I am using the Xiao ESP32-C3 with the Xiao Grove shield, powered by a LiPo battery.

Problem is, the LiPo battery doesn’t seem to power the Xiao ESP32-C3. Taking another member of the Xiao works fine: the LiPo battery powers the Xiao SAMD or Xiao RP2040.

  • Is the Xiao ESP32-C3 compatible with the Xiao Grove shield?

Thank you!

Hi, I’ve seen you on Discord and we can talk on Discord.

Thanks, the question is on Discord under the topic Xiao-Arduino-Grove.

Unfortunately, the answers at Discord are not helping much.

Could you please have a look at this issue please?

Thank you!

Why is it so difficult to get an answer?