Xiao dap link debugger SWD pinouts

I need to configure an xiao to function as a DAP link debugger. Getting the debugger installed is easy enough, but the wiki page doesn’t explain how to hook the xiao to the target device. It provides an example for some random board which means nothing to me.

Can I please get documentation on which xiao pins map to the standard SWD pins (SWDATA, SWCLK)?

Also is the source code to the xiao dap link implementation available?

Please refer to my review The $5 programmer-debugger


Thank you. That is very helpful!

However I am not marking it as a solution because I want seeed to update the wiki. This isn’t information that customers should have to search for.

Hi, reivilo

I’m trying to compile “simple_daplink” according to your post, but I’m having trouble getting the following compilation error. The library I’m using are “Adafruit_TinyUSB_Arduino-1.7.1” and “Seeed_Arduino_DAPLink-1.0.2”.
Do you have any hints?

Error while detecting libraries included by C:\Users\username\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_TinyUSB_Arduino-1.7.1\src\class\msc\msc_device.c
Error while detecting libraries included by C:\Users\username\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_TinyUSB_Arduino-1.7.1\src\device\usbd_control.c
exit status 1

cannot declare variable 'usb_hid' to be of abstract type 'Adafruit_USBD_HID'

Bonjour @msfujino

May I suggest you to

  • Raise an issue at the Seeed_Arduino_DAPLink repository
  • Download and flash the UF2 file directly

My article provides both links. The UF2 file is new.

I solved it by using “Adafruit TinyUSB Library 0.10.5”.