XIAO Core Programming Guide

ok so I am trying to put a positive spin on this code base problem

I have to admit that I am no professional computer programmer…

I might not even be a hobbyist programmer…

but I love XIAO and grove products

But I am continuously frustrated that the products do not have code that works out of the box

I realize that one of the best ways to learn coding is to have to debug your source code

I understand that no one can make a plug and play code base to work for everyone

I understand that most people who complain about source code have not done their homework

I understand that forums never give productive answers to coding questions


I am really impressed with this guide

In similar fashion, I wanted to develop a code base that could include all the functionality of the XIAO Expansion board into one single codebase that would work, without having to download a bunch of crazy dependencies all over creation… I understand that things like the display driver code may need to be separate, but we don’t need dependency code to blink an led or to use a button, or even… dare i say use a sd card or real time clock

Now with the XIAO ecosystem using so many different MCU and each having different querks in the programming, I think it is even more important to get a handle on this stuff

So I am wondering what you guys think and if we can get a core group of people who would be willing to share in trying to make this happen…

To make this vision happen i am thinking we need a team

The team needs the following specialists

A report writing specialist - who can make the document, the user manual
A code writing specialist - who can write the code correctly, and knows industry programming
A beta tester specialist - who can test to make sure it works and find bugs
A manager - who can hurd cats…