Xiao connection to ESP8266-01

Hey all,

I am pretty new to Arduino and decided to make a small IoT project using the Seeduino Xiao as the base microcontroller for my project.
Problem is, I need Wifi connection.
Enter ESP8266-01.

I am having real trouble getting the Xiao to communicate with the ESP8266-01.

Having tested that the ESP8266-01 is functional with AT firmware --> could get a response to ‘AT’ through the serial monitor at baud 115200 when connect with my Arduino Uno.

Have tested the following set up:
Seeduino Xiao----ESP

This worked with the Uno and gave the ‘OK’ response to the ‘AT’ command.

Also tried with the RX and TX wires switched but no response.

Is there a problem with connecting the Xiao to the ESP8266, or am I doing something wrong?

The only difference between XIAO and UNO is the different power supply level, XIAO is 3.3V and UNO is 5V.Please confirm that ESP8266-01 can work at 3.3V.

Hey @Baozhu,

Thanks for the response.
The ESP8266-01 only works with 3.3V- I used the 3.3V supply from the Uno to connect the ESP.

ESP8266-01 can also pull quite a lot of current (200-300mA) so I also tried it with an extra breadboard power module with a 3.3V output to power the ESP, in case it was a stability issue from higher current draw through the Xiao.
Sadly, still did not work.

Is there a way to turn the Xiao into a ‘dumb’ USB to ttl?
On the Uno this is done by grounding the reset pin, which then allows direct communication to the ESP via the serial monitor.

@djwight This is an example of USB to TTL made by XIAO.

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@Baozhu thanks that worked perfectly!

Only difference was that couldn’t connect through PuTTY but with that script loaded, I could use the Arduino IDE serial monitor.

Now I can power the Xiao with wifi :smile:

On a separate note, can’t wait to get the Grove Shield :mechanical_arm: