XIAO Charging - Please use Pins not Pads

Hello all, and hopefully Seeed people. I love the XIAO boards, especially that you have different configurations for different use cases, IMU, BlE, etc. Especially the built-in charging capabilitiy is terrific. But! the tiny pads under the board are problematic for a few reasons. Would be great if you would make a form factor with these pads instead as part of the pin header:

Pad is very tiny, not hard to solder but very low mechanical strength
Pad is too close to the pin headers, if you have to rework with pins on, hard to reach
Pad is under the board - having wires under the board is fine but these will conflict with other connections to the pins
Can’t really solder SMD style to a strip board because blind, and easy to short to heat sink or the programming pads

Breaking these out as their own pins would be terrific, or alternatively a way in software to assign the charging to an existing pin and sacrifice a gpio (going to post a question about that)


HI, thanks for the advice, I’m sure seed’s products will get better and better!