XIAO-C3 vs XIAO-S3 (issue with slight hardware difference)

Hi Seeed

Possible to update the XIAO-S3 series (both Sense and non-Sense) to remove the metal rings around legs of the shield please? (infront of D8 and D5) [see pic]

I recently shifted from C3 and S3 for my projects and this slight difference is causing issues during hand hotplate soldering. I’ve got too many cases of D5 and D8 permanently GND because of this.

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Hi, as a tech support person, I don’t have the authority to do this because I’m only responsible for tech support, but I will report this to my superiors, and XIAO’s bare board may be released in the future

not sure if u understood me correctly, i meant that the hardware needs revision, not the software.

Thank you for your feedback.
Sorry my colleague may not have understood your question, this is indeed an issue and we will look into it and consider removing this hole in the next version.

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