XIAO Boot issue

Hi Guys,

I am evaluating XIAO for simple data acquisition and display managing. Written some demo code that works fine. Fixed also previous PS2 keyboard issue.

Now want to have a stand alone solution, but seem that Xiao don’t boot properly when powered from the 5V pin.

It’s start only if the USB cable is connected and Serial monitor of Arduino IDE is open, otherwise it’s stuck, the sketch don’t start …

Voltages ARE OK 5V on pin 1 and 3.3V pin3 … so i expect that start without issue …

Any Hints ??




Sometimes the Seeeduino XIAO port may disappear when user programming process fails. we can solve this problem by the following operation:


  • Connect the Seeeduino XIAO to your computer.
  • [/list]
  • Use tweezers or short lines to short the RST pins in the diagram twice.
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  • The orange LED lights flicker on and light up.
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    At this point, the chip enters Bootloader mode and the burning port appears again. Because the samd21 chip has two partitions, one is the Bootloader and the other is the user program. The product will burn a bootloader code in the system memory when it leaves the factory. We can switch modes with a quick reset.


    So Can you try to use the[b] VIN [/b] Pin

    [attachment=1]Seeeduino XIAO pinout 2.png[/attachment]

    try the VIN pin and let us know the feedback, also please comment on your solution of the last question so it may help other people too :).

    Hi Guys

    figure ot the issue !

    i had a do while waiting for USB port connection , and without the serial monitor open the code loop infinite …

    Need to take care about that during dev and final code …

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    Great, happy to know that.