XIAO BLE Transmission Power?

I am using the ArduinoBLE library, does anyone know how to increase the transmission power on the XIAO BLE device, it need more range than I am getting by default.


Check what is the max for your BLE. For the nrf52840 it is 8, but for the nRF52832 is only 4. This is for the Adafruit bootloader boards:
Bluefruit.setTxPower(8); // Check bluefruit.h for supported values

I am using the Seeed XIAO BLE which is a nRF52840 device. Also I am using the Arduino BLE library which doesn’t have any methods for setTxPower.

I am using version 1.0 of the XIAO BLE SENSE. But there should be an Nordic SDK setting for TX power or an Arduino/MBED setting.

Hello, i have same issue. Do you found any solution?