XIAO BLE sense tensorflow version 2 compatibility

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The micro_speech example for XIAO BLE sense using the link tflite-micro-arduino-examples/examples/micro_speech at main · lakshanthad/tflite-micro-arduino-examples · GitHub works only with TensorFlow version 1.15. My question is how to make it compatible with the TensorFlow version 2 generated tinyml model.

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I would like to know this ALSO ?

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There are no plans for this at present. Your suggestion has been submitted upward. Thank you for your feedback!

I am currently trying the speech demo and got the version number error. I read that removing the dependency might work.
I commented out the tensorflow_version line with a “#” symbol.

#%tensorflow_version 1.x
import tensorflow as tf

I got past the version number issue and it is currently training the model (1hr into it). I don’t know if the model will work once I load it on the XIAO. Is there something else that will break after the training step?

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The model trained using the current TensorFlow version doesn’t work on XIAO.

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But hay there’s a Round Display?
Another “Halve of a Loaf” from SEEED ,I was disappointed by this discovery. It was all the rage in there promotional info on XIAO and touted as being Tensorflow capable…more of a Gimmick than Technological prowess.

Too bad They miss the Boat again. IMO
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I am glad I checked before I bought anything. I suppose there is no way to go back to previous TF versions?
Not many solutions available for low cost simple word recognition.
I should check if the Arduino Nano 33 online example is for real.