Xiao BLE Sense RGB LED pin definition

I bought a Xiao BLE Sense and tried to use the RGB LEDs. As explained in the wiki page for getting started, I tried Blink with the LEDB, LEDR and LEDG replacing LED_BUILTIN, but the Arduino IDE gave me errors that those were not declared in the scope. So I tried P0.26, P0.30, P0.06 and simply 26,30, 6 in the pinMode, but none of them worked. I have searched this forum and Google, but couldn’t find any answers. LED_BUILTIN works fine with the red LED. I found some other posts for the battery level indicator with these RGB LEDs but none of them added any particular header file to define these LED pins. Am I missing something?

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After some trial, I found I had installed wrong (not sure why exactly, though) board in the Arduino IDE. It should be ‘Seeed nRF52 mbed-enabled Boards,’ not ‘Seeed nRF52 Boards.’
Once you install this board correctly, the variant.cpp (in the folder /.arduino15/packages/Seeeduino/hardware/mbed/2.7.2/variants/SEEED_XIAO_NRF52840_SENSE/) lists all the pin definition. Here is a part of the file for the LED pins.
// LEDs
{ P0_26, NULL, NULL, NULL }, // D11/LED RED
{ P0_30, NULL, NULL, NULL }, // D12/LED GREEN
{ P0_6, NULL, NULL, NULL }, // D13/LED BLUE

In the same folder, pins_arduino.h also shows pin definitions.

Wow, You do Good Work… just saying… TY :blush:
I wish there was a definitive “seeed” guide on when to use the "Mbed-enabled " and When NOT to. Lurking on here I have been getting an uneasy feeling about going “ALL-IN” on my product dev with these Seeed Xiao boards. I too LOVE the Form-factor and all the allure of low power & BLE. I’m also relying on the accelerometer as well. (my Priority)
1)BLE (advertise,pair,etc)
2)Battery power (with deep sleep)
3)Battery level (to display on App)
4) IMU data, accelerometer (Notify App its moved)
5) Solenoid control , 3Vdc On/Off (this is working BLE controlled)
6) NFC Tag Id INFO (want to programatically change the Text it advertises)

GL :-p

BTW: I was able to get the correct colors after looking at your info, :star_struck: